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Tax Deductions for Massage Therapy

Tax Season is around the corner so everyone is in a scramble to find deductions to claim.  Well, it may be pleasing to know that Massage Therapy is a tax Deductible Medical claim if you qualify.  YES, you read that correctly!  And "qualify" means that you Doctor has written you a prescription to bring into your Massage appointment.   This validates that your massage is part of your medical treatment plan.  This would pertain to people who have chronic back problems or muscle problems and are under a Doctors care for the problem.  So, next time you visit your Doctor talk to him/her about your treatments and ask him/her if you may have a prescription.  In addition, please talk to your Tax preparer to find out if you can file this claim as well. ****Disclaimer****  The Information provided in this Blog is for knowledge only.  It doesn't replace contacting your Doctor or Tax Preparer.  Thank you.